Share GPS Headless Linux Bluetooth

Share GPS can be used to provide GPS from a mobile phone to Linux PC running GPSD. This can be done via Bluetooth connection. The Linux PC can be setup to listen for bluetooth connections on a specific channel. Then Share GPS can connect and provide NMEA position information at anytime.

This is great for headless setups. For example, for a car stereo system using a Raspberry Pi with a Bluetooth dongle, Share GPS can provide GPS for Navigation and Position viewing, without the need for an external GPS receiver setup.

See this guide on how to do it: NMEA Bluetooth for Linux

Share GPS Windows USB Automation

Share GPS allows you to use you mobile as an external GPS for you laptop.  For those laptops without Bluetooth, using your android device in developer mode allows Share GPS to work over USB.

Using tools such as com0com and the Android Debug Bridge (adb), the user can then setup a virtual serial port that Google Earth can read from for real-time position information on the laptop. So what if you could automate this, so that when you plug USB from the phone to the laptop, the virtual serial port is setup and connected automatically. Well, using Windows Task Scheduler and Event triggers, you can! See this guide for the setup: Automate Windows USB Connections