Share GPS
Android app for sharing GPS data with mapping applications

com0com is a open source program that can redirect TCP/IP data to a serial port for programs like Google Earth that accept serial port data. It is not quite as straight forward as GpsGate, but follow below to get it up and working. It makes things easier if you get a signed version. One of those can be obtained here: Grab the file that indicates signed. You also need the helper program, com2tcp, grab the 386 zip file with executable here: Follow the steps below for setup:

  1. The com0com download will contain a setup.exe to install the program. Install the program, ensuring you are allowing the signed drivers to be installed.
  2. The com2tcp program contains a stand-alone executable. Place this in a convienent spot for runnning it. A good place may be with your stand-alone ADB.
  3. By default com0com creates a virtual com port pair, from the start menu, start the com0com Setup to see the pair. The first listed will be the accessible port to Google Earth (or other program), the second will be the port that will have TCP data re-directed to it. The defaults will not work for Google Earth, change the first entry to a traditional COM port name like below:

  4. Before starting com2tcp, make sure the Share GPS is running and the connection has started.
  5. From the command prompt where com2tcp is installed type the re-direction command for the type of connection being executed. If running Share GPS as TCP server use the IP address and port of the mobile, example:

    com2tcp --telnet \\.\CNCB0 50000

    If running Share GPS as TCP client or using USB with ADB, use localhost:

    com2tcp --telnet \\.\CNCB0 20175

    The following is an example for when USB is used.

  6. Start the mapping program (e.g. Google Earth) and wait until it connects to the the COM port. com2tcp should indicate a Connect.

  7. Share GPS should now indicated connected and the mapping program will indicate it is ready.

A couple of notes:

  • Depending on the type of connection, if the mobile gets disconnected the com2tcp program may exit and you may need to exit all programs and start again.
  • For setting up Google Earth for serial connections: Google Earth (serial port)
  • For automating the connection, go here: Automate Windows USB/TCP connections