Share GPS
Android app for sharing GPS data with mapping applications

Google Earth has a feature in the Windows and Mac versions for interfacing with serial based GPS units. This feature can be used with Share GPS for real-time location tracking. Follow the steps below for setup:

  1. Start Share GPS and press the connection to begin
  2. Depending on the method used there may be other actions that need take place. See the help for the desired method.
  3. Ensure you have a GPS fix before continuing as Google Earth will not connect without valid data (it also tends to disconnect when GPS is lost)
  4. Start Google Earth and go to Tools->GPS. On the Realtime tab, select Automatically follow the path and click Start. Google Earth with start scanning COM ports.

  5. When using Virtual COM ports or Outgoing Bluetooth COM ports, Google Earth should stop on the port assigned for Share GPS and connect. It will move the map to your position and show a dot (a timeline will appear as well)
  6. Incoming PC bluetooth ports can be a little tricky. The user needs to long press the connection while listening and press Connect. However, this needs to be done while Google Earth is looking that the COM port in question. It may take a few times to get the timing right. Keep the Realtime tab for Google Earth up while doing this so you know what is going on.
  7. If Google Earth leaves the COM port for some reason (like fix being lost) Share GPS will restart the connection. If this connection was made in Connect mode, it will attempt to Connect, otherwise it will listen for when Google Earth tries the COM port again.
  8. When done, long press the connection in Share GPS and select Disconnect.