An emulator for the Atari 5200 and 8-bit computers

What is this?

kat5200 is an emulator for the Atari 5200 and 8-bit computers (800/XL/XE). Basically, it allows you to play to games from these systems on your personal computer.

So do you include the games (roms) with the emulator?

No I do not. The Rom Images and BIOS files can be had elsewhere. You can try AtariAge , AtariMania or try using google.

So I started this up for the first time and saw the Wizard come up. I decided to cancel out of this and try starting a game from the Launcher, but it doesn't work. WTF?!

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the emulator must know where the BIOS files are located for the particular system you are trying to emulate. Set these up from the Machine-BIOS Files menu. Second, the Launcher must know where the Rom Image for the game you are trying to play is located. This and the BIOS files can be scanned for using the Scanning functions.

I'm using the keyboard or a D-Pad and Super Breakout, Gorf and Missle Command are totally impossible to play. What gives?

Some games depend on the position of the 5200 controller along it's axis. The 5200 controller can indicate over 200 positions along it's axis. When using the keyboard or digital controller, you can indicate 3 positions (left, center, right). To help out with these particular games, use the Simulate Analog option from the Input settings.

I'm using an analog joystick and playing games like Super Breakout, Gorf, and Missle Command and things just move too fast.

Try lowering the Sensitivity setting for these games to something like 75% and adjust to your liking from there. Also, remember that you can save different Input profiles and assign them to different games in the Launcher.

I'm mapped the keyboad key 'x' for player 1 but it doesn't seem to work when I play, what up?

Check the mappings for player 2. Is there one with 'x'? At that point player 2 gets the input. You can disable player 2 by setting A5200 Controller type to None or simply change the input settings for player 2.

Is there a Manual?

Yes, it is included in all of the downloads and can also be found here .